The Hayes Family Online

Welcome to the internet home of the Hayes Family!  We currently live in Weirton, West Virginia.  I say currently because in the 22 year existence of our family we have lived in 8 different cities.   We moved alot due to my job and hopefully we are done moving for awhile.  For those who don't already know who is who.......from left to right....Gracen, Marie, Jessica, Ed, and Samantha.  Missing from our picture above but in alot of the pictures throughout our site is the Spankster......our dog Spanky!

If you click on our faces it will take you to each of our pages.  There are also some links below that will take you to different pages with pictures, videos, and alot of other good stuff.  You can enlarge most of the smaller pictures simply by clicking on them.

As you can see in the pictures below, even though there's 4 ladies in the family we all like to ride dirt bikes and ATV's.  Click on the marquee below to some of our riding videos.

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The Spankster!

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Click on the marquee to see our videos!